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Extension - Smart Filters For Collection Pages
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Smart Filters For Collection Pages

*The URL is so we can request collaborator access to install. If you're installing DIY, just put DIY in the URL field above.

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How It Works

This extension is built to display a list of filter criteria based on a tag prefix. The code detects the tag prefix you enter in the theme settings, and displays all the tags that match. The code strips out the prefix so that the tag makes sense to the customer shopping on your site.

This intelligence makes this extension maintenance-free! No more having to remember to go and add a new tag to your tags list to ensure it shows up on the front-end when you add new products, or styles to existing products.

An example is T-Shirt colors. You've got a T-Shirt that's available in 5 colors: Red, White, Blue, Black, and Green. Tag your products with:

  • color_Red
  • color_White
  • color_Blue
  • color_Black
  • color_Green

When this extension is installed, you will then be add the filter block by going to customize your theme in the theme settings, navigating to a product page, and adding a smart filter block to your sidebar section. Add the prefix text "color_" (without quotes) - add a filter title, and click save. That's it! Your site will now detect all color tags within the currently browsed collection page.

Ways To Use This

You could use this extension to filter ANYTHING you tag your products with. Many common examples include:

  • Colors
  • Sizing
  • Style
  • Fit
  • Weight
  • and many, many more!

See It In Action

To see this simple yet effective extension in action, check out our demo store and navigate to the Frequently Asked Questions page:

Some real customer stores using this extension:

Purchase Options

We have 3 purchase options:

  1. D.I.Y. - Are you comfortable with code and following some instructions? Feel free to do-it-yourself. When you buy this extension as a DIY, we'll provide you with instructions on how to install this extension for your specific theme right in the download file!

    NOTE: DIY is ONLY available for FREE themes. If you have a Premium theme or a Custom theme - you will have to purchase the Pro-Install package. You're welcome to still try it yourself; however, we cannot currently provide instructional support Premium or Custom themes via the DIY option.
  2. Pro-Install* - Less comfortable with code, or simply don't have the time or desire to do it? Have us do it for you and we'll get it up and running ASAP!
  3. Upgrade* - Run in to a snag installing this or simply purchase the wrong install method by accident? No problem, we have your back! Get an upgrade and have us install it for you ASAP.

* With the options where we install it for you, we'll collect a little bit of info so we can send you a request for store access via a "Collaborator Account" from our Experts Dashboard. Learn more about Collaborator Accounts